75 Rupees Petrol Subsidy For Motorcycle, Rickshaw & Cars

On the special directions of PM Pakistan PML-N Leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the 75 Rupees Petrol subsidy for Motorcycle, Rikshaws and 800cc cars as Eid Package. The basic aim of providing the subsidy on petrol is to help the poor people Pakistan. Initially, the Rs. 50 was announced on Per Liter but later-on the petrol discount has been increased up-to Rs. 75.  The proper implementation of Govt Petrol Relief will be made after 4 weeks positively through public.

Now every motorcyclist, Rikshaw and small car drivers can purchase petrol Per liter with 75 Rupees subsidy. All the poor and deserving community can avail the benefit of petroleum discount in Pakistan. You can also apply online for 786 Check Online Registration 2023 Ehsaas Program through official web-portal.

Who Can Avail Petrol Subsidy of 75 Rupees Per Liter

All the low profile people who possess Motorcycle, Rikshaw and 800cc small cars can avail the country’s biggest relief package on Petrol. The latest price of petrol in Pakistan is Rs. 272 per Liter and you can buy 1 Liter petrol in Rs. 172. The Petrol relief package will be implemented after 3 to 4 weeks.

Due to the sudden inflation throughout the country, the Government has officially announced the petrol subsidy for those people who have small cars, rikshaws and motorcycle and can buy petrol with 100 Rupees discount. The scheme will be available after very soon. The procedure of how to buy petrol on subsidy in Pakistan, will be public very soon.

The Government of Pakistan is making a system to support poor and deserving people during economic difficulties. All the low-income people can get benefit from Petrol scheme.

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100 Rupees Petrol Subsidy For Motorcycle, Rikshaw & Cars

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