20% Special Allowance Latest News 2020

Every Federal employee is waiting for the decision of special allowance in 2020 for all the federal servants of Pakistan. But now, i am sharing the latest exciting news about Supreme Court has ordered for the payment of 20% special allowance to all the federal government employees to eliminate the problem of discrimination.

As we know that, Government of Pakistan , Finance Division has issued the official Notification letter on 6th March, 2013 regarding grant of special allowance @ 20% to the employees working in the federal ministries/Divisions.

20% Special Allowance of running basic pay granted after the approval of Prime Minister’s secretariat U.O.No.708/PSPM/2013, dated 05-03-2013 with effect from 1st March, 2013 to all the officers and staff working in the Federal Ministries/Divisions only.

This allowance is allowed to the employees of President’s Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Wafaqi Mohtasib’s Secretariat, Federal Tax Ombudsman’s Secretariat, National Assembly Secretariat and Senate Secretariat and all such other entities who are being paid any additional allowances and other facilities.

special allowance @ 20 of basic pay

The amount of the Special Allowance;

(i). Will be admissible to contingent paid staff and contract employees employed against civil posts in Basic Pay Scale on Secretariat terms and conditions of contract appointment.

(ii). Will be admissible during leave and entire period of LPR except during ordinary leave.

(iii). Will no be treated as part of emoluments for the purpose of calculation of Pension/gratuity and recovery of House Rent.

(iv). Will not be admissible to the employees during the tenure of their posting/deputation abroad.

(v). Will be admissible to the employees on their repatriation from posting /deputation abroad at the rate and amount which would have been admissible to them had they not be posted aboard.

The SCP asked as to how the government could discriminate against its own employees. The court observed that the federal government could not discriminate against its employees and ruled that now all the federal government employees will get the special allowance.

It is pertinent to mention that a division bench of the Islamabad High Court had accepted the federal government’s intra-court appeal against the orders of a single-member bench for payment of 20 per cent special allowance to all federal government employees. The then PPP government had approved a special allowance in March 2013 for the employees of the ministries and divisions of Pakistan Secretariat but it was not given to the employees of the attached departments.

To end discrimination, the employees of other departments, including the Federal government College Teachers Association, Pakistan PWD, departments of communication security, CDA union and Pakistan Council of Science and Technology, approached the IHC in April 2013 challenging that the allowance should also be paid to them.

Twenty-three identical petitions were filed by the employees of various federal government departments and a single bench of the Islamabad High Court, headed by Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, had directed the federal government on June 18, 2013, to notify the 20 per cent special allowance for all employees.

20% Special Allowance Latest News 2020

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