25% Special Allowance Punjab Employees Questions and Answers

Now, I am going to share the most important information regarding the eligibility for 25% special allowance because everyone wants to know about it. Some questions about Special Allowance 25% with answers according to our knowledge.

25% Special Allowance Eligibility Criteria For Employees 2021

Q1. Will all this be available to Punjab government employees?

Answer: Yes, it will be available to everyone who is not taking any special allowance.

Q2. Will M.Phil allowance recipients also get it?

Answer: Yes, they will.

Q3. Will 2017,2018 educators also get it?

Answer: Yes, it will be found.


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Q4. Will AEOs also get it? Because they are taking inspection allowance.

Answer: According to my faulty information, they will also get, because this inspection allowance is given on their performance. This allowance is not fixed with salary.

Q5. Will the rank be on the basic pay scale or on the basic pay scale?

Answer: This basic pay scale will look like the zero stage of 2017. BPS-2017

Q6. Will Scale Wise be the same for everyone?

Answer: Yes, everyone will be the same.

Q7. What will be my 25% special allowance?

Special Allowance (25%)

  • BPS-10 (3040)
  • BPS-11 (3143)
  • BPS-12 (3330)
  • BPS-13 (3565)
  • BPS-14 (3795)
  • BPS-15 (4030)
  • BPS-16 (4728)
  • BPS-17 (7593)
  • BPS-18 (9588)
  • BPS-17 (14803)

Q8. Will it be deposited in Basic Pay?

Answer: No, this is a special allowance that will remain fixed.


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Q9. Will it be available in one month or in full service? Will get in full service. What month will it take? From June 4 …Will June’s salary come in handy?

Answer: There is enough hope that it will come with June’s salary. But the budget is yet to be debated, so perhaps the salary of Jalai, which will be received between 15-20 July before Eid, will include June and July.

Q9.Budget 10% will come with what salary?

Answer: It will be included with the July salary. Which will be received before Eid.

Salary increased by 10% in the budget. Has everyone grown up in the same way?

No. That’s 10% of your running base. Check your payslip. Suppose your basic is 21240 then right to subtract 10% of it is 21240×10 / 100 = 2124. That means 10 ٪ 2124 of your bisque.

Or the elders’ way. Remove the first digit on the right from your Basic Pay and you will get 10%. For example, if you subtract the first digit 0 from the right from 21240, you will get 10% which is 2124. Now add this 10% to your special allowance and you will know the increase in your salary.

25% Special Allowance Punjab Employees Questions and Answers

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