8 Monthly Teachers Forum Meeting of Markaz PSTs Organized By AEOs

Office of the Regional Programme Manager, QAED Govt of the Punjab, Multan has issued the official notification letter on 4th February, 2021 in connection with 8 Monthly Teachers Forum Meeting of Markaz PSTs Organized By AEOs.

Teachers Forum Meeting of AEOs February 2021 Details

QAED, Punjab has planned to extend the CPD of PSTs to all districts, in this regard QAED has developed new digital CPD modules in the form of ITSP. The ITSP of CPD modules consist of the 11 units. (each with introduction, lesson plan, videos, self-assessment, and further resources).

One of the major components of School Based CPD is teacher forum meetings which are held on a monthly basis at Markaz level and are organized by AEO concerned. The PSTs of a Markaz will attend monthly Teacher Forum Meeting at a centrally located school in the Markaz, During each TFM, the AEO of the Markaz will facilitate peer discussion among the PSTs on a specific unit of ITSP as well as on other common teacher problems. The participants will also share their experiential learning.

The following is the unit of ITSP upcoming month Febuary,2021 (to be completed by PSTs during a month and to be discussed in TFM).

ITSP unit for the month of February, 2021

Unit 5: The teacher uses questions, prompts or other strategies to determine students’ level of understanding.

Unit 6: The teacher monitors most students during independent or group work.

Therefore, keeping in view the importance of this CPD project, your good office is requested to issue directions to AEOs of your concerned district to submit the monthly TFM plan with mentioning centrally venue of said meeting. So that the TFMs will monitor smoothly.

Note:- Monthly TFM plan should be shared with the office of worthy CEOs (DEA) as well as undersigned office on 1st of every month.

8 Monthly Teachers Forum Meeting of Markaz PSTs Organized By AEOs

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