Absence Without Leave

If there is any rule for Government employees of Pakistan regarding absence without leave from duty without informing or permission. Civil Establishment Code (ESTACODE) always address these kinds of issues for employees of Pakistan to refrain yourself from dismiss from service in case of contract or probation period especially.

Cases have come to notice where Government servants have applied for leave, but before the leave was sanctioned, have absented themselves from duty and left their station without permission, while Government dues were payable by them on various accounts.

In some cases, Government servants have proceeded on short leave, and subsequently applied for extension of leave, which was not granted, whereupon they have resigned their appointments without clearing the Government dues outstanding against them.

Such behavior on the part of Government servants is not only undesirable but also contravenes the provisions of the Pakistan Essential Service (Maintenance) Act, 1952, which makes all employment under Government an essential service.

If any Government servant, without reasonable excuse, abandons his employment or absents himself from work, he is liable to conviction to be punished with imprisonment and fine vide section 5 and 7 of the Act.

It is, therefore, requested that the attention of all Government servants may kindly be drawn to the provisions of the Act and they may be warned that any contravention of the Act renders them liable to prosecution. A number of prosecutions have already been instituted in the court and others are in contemplation.

Absence Without Leave

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