Accommodation Allotment Federal Govt Employees Eligibility Rules

If you are a Federal Govt employees and want to know the eligibility criteria for allotment of accommodation, house rent allowance, single allotment, house requisition etc. then you must read these rules which was extracted from the Accommodation Allocation Rules 2002.

Federal Govt Employees Eligibility For Accommodation

All married Federal Government Services in the Ministries or Divisions and their Attached Departments except those maintaining their own pool of accommodation or funds for hiring of houses, shall be eligible for accommodation from the Estate Office.

Unmarried FGSs shall be eligible for house rent allowance or single or bachelor accommodation so earmarked for them. However, unmarried FGS will be eligible for government accommodation provided he is living with his dependent parents.

When both husband and wife are employed at the same station, only one of them shall be entitled to allotment of accommodation and in case they are serving at two different stations, one of them shall be allotted Government accommodation and other one shall be allowed single or bachelor accommodation or house rent allowance.

Persons employed or re-employed on contract in Government pay scale in an eligible Government department mentioned in sub-rule (1) shall be eligible in accordance with terms and conditions of his appointment for Government or hired accommodation from Estate Office.

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Federal Government Employees who owns a house in his own name or in the name of his spouse or dependent children, at the station of his posting shall not be allowed Government accommodation and shall be allowed self hiring of the house. Such FGS shall be entitled to six months grace period from the date of completion of his house.

All the FGSs who are already in possession of government accommodation shall also be allowed period of six months to shift to their own houses. However this rule will not apply to FGSs whose houses stand hired by the Estate Office at their place of posting.

A FGS shall at the time of allotment submit an affidavit, that he does not own a house in his own name or in the name of any of his family members and if it is established that a FGS has a house in the name of any one of the above at the station of posting, his allotment shall be cancelled.

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Accommodation Allotment Federal Govt Employees Eligibility Rules

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