Accommodation Exchange Rules

Change from one accommodation to the other or exchange of accommodation between two allottees for the same category of accommodation may be permitted by the Ministry of Housing and Works subject to production of a certificate from their employers to the effect that they are not expected to be retired or transferred during the next one year and other required documents as prescribed by Ministry of Housing and Works from time to time.

Change of Govt Accommodation Rules

Use of allotted accommodation:

The FGS or his family shall not use the whole or any part of allotted accommodation for a purpose other than that for which it has been allotted:

Provided that the Estate Office may permit an allottee or a member of his family to carry out medical practice in a Government Accommodation subject to payment of rent at the rate of ten percent of his total emoluments and in case of default a penal rent at the rate of fifteen percent of his emoluments or one rental ceiling, whichever is more, shall be charged from the allottee.

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Sharing Of allotted accommodation:

An allottee may allow a friend or relative to share accommodation with him without any monetary gain for a period of one month without the permission of the Estate Office.

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Accommodation Exchange Rules

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