Adam Sandler “Little Nicky-2” Movie Upcoming in May-24 Netflix Sequel

Adam Sandler "Little Nicky-2" Movie Upcoming in May-24 Netflix Sequel

A rumor circulating on social media suggests that a sequel to the 2000 comedy film “Little Nicky” may be coming to Netflix in May 2024, but is it true?

On March 11, 2024, a Facebook page claimed that Adam Sandler would reprise his role as Little Nicky, the devil’s son, in a second installment titled “Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation.” The post quickly gained traction, accumulating thousands of shares and reactions.

However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the Facebook page in question is known for sharing fake movie posters and satirical content. The poster for “Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation” was found to be an edited version of the original film’s poster, with minor alterations.

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Despite the excitement generated by the rumor, there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of a sequel to “Little Nicky.” Neither Adam Sandler nor any other cast or crew members have confirmed plans for a follow-up film.

Additionally, only three of Adam Sandler’s movies have ever received sequels, and there have been no public discussions about developing a sequel to “Little Nicky.”

For now, fans of the original film will have to wait for official announcements to see if a sequel is indeed in the works. In the meantime, “Little Nicky” remains available for streaming on various platforms, providing audiences with a dose of devilish comedy nostalgia.

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As the speculation continues, movie buffs and Sandler supporters can only hope that their favorite mischievous devil may one day return for another adventure. Until then, it’s best to approach rumors with caution and enjoy the original “Little Nicky” for its quirky charm and comedic brilliance.

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