Adjustment of Medical/Paramedical Staff on General Duty for Combating the Pandemic Coronavirus

Government of the Punjab, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the official Notification letter on 22nd March, 2020 in connection with adjustment of medical/paramedical staff on general duty for combating the pandemic coronavirus.

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l am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to convey that in the wake of pandemic CoronoVirus (COVID-19), the Primary Secondary Healthcare Department, on the recommendations of the Chief Executive Officers of the District Health Authorities in the Punjab, has posted medical / paramedical staff and other supporting staff at Quarantine Centers and other places vide orders dated 20.03.2020 (copy enclosed).

I am further directed to convey that the Competent Authority has now desired that all Chief Executive Officers shall depute medical / paramedical and all other supporting staff etc., on general duty at their own level, at the Quarantine Centers / Health Facilities / Places, where they deem it necessary.

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However, such general duty orders shall be shared with the Department for confirmation / approval. It is further clarified that no general duty arrangement shall be made sans intimation of the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department.

AIl Chief Executive Officers will remain in close liaison with Deputy  Secretary (General), Primary &  Secondary Healthcare Department Focal Person for HR to combat Coronavirus through his Cell & Whatsapp No, 0331 4428504 regarding General Duty and HR issues.

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The above mentioned instructions of the Competent Authority may be adhered to in letter and spirit.

Adjustment of MedicalParamedical Staff on General Duty for Combating the Pandemic Coronavirus

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