Age Relaxation Notification Sindh Government 2024

Government of Sindh Services, General Administration and Coordination Department has issued the official Notification letter in connection with age relaxation notification Sindh Government 2024.

Age Relaxation Policy of Sindh Government 2024

No.SOII(SGA&CD)5-64/2011: In continuation of this Department’s Notification of even number dated 14th September, 2018 and with the approval of Chief Minister, Sindh, notwithstanding the contents of table given under Rule-12 (2) of the Sindh Civil Servants (Appointment, promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1974, and the orders contained in this department’s standing order no. SORI(SGA&CD)6/4/85, dated 19-4-2004, Standing Order No. SORI(SGA&CD)6/4/85, dated 15-6-2004 and Corrigendum dated 02-7-2004 issued in this behalf.

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The Government of Sindh are pleased to allow relaxation upto maximum of fifteen (15) Years in the upper age limit to all the applicants applying for the vacancies in all the Departments of Government of Sindh (Except Police Service and the posts to be filled through Combined Competitive Examination by the Sindh Public Service Commission) to be filled during the period from 1st July, 2020 to 30th June, 2022 in relaxation of Rules.

The copy of  Sindh Government age relaxation notification 2021 has been given below for the concerned of related person.

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Age Relaxation Notification Sindh Government 2024

7 thoughts on “Age Relaxation Notification Sindh Government 2024”

  1. asa. My daughter Saima Aamir is of 40 years, qualified BA BEd and later M Ed. She is seeking for job but due to age factor , she becomes zero. Would u like to help me . thank you. Muhammad Nazir

  2. This refers to the new Job Advertisement No. 04/2021 of SPSC..

    jb b online apply kar rahy hain candidates tou over age ka msg araha hai ….. agar yah notification valid hai 30th june 2021 tak … ju b apply kary ga overage mein tou accepted hai …

    tou kindly SPSC mein b es notification ki implementation karwadein .. takey apply kar saky ba asaani candidates.

  3. Assalamualaikum sir Meri age 30 years Hy mein Sindh police mein apply Karna chata Hn
    plz solve my problem. Age relaxation kesa lain.

  4. بخدمت جناب
    آءَ عرضدار نالي عبدالڪريم ولد محمد حسن راهو ويٺل ڳوٺ نصرالله راهو تعلقو مورو ضلع نوشهرو فيروز سنڌ سائين جن کي گذارش ٿو ڪريان منهنجي اصل ۾ پيدايش جي تاريخ 01-03-1997 آهي تعليم سرٽفڪيٽ ۾ پيدائش تاريخ 1992-03-07 آهي جيڪا مان گورنمينٽ آف سنڌ پوليس ڊپارٽمينٽ ۾ اپلاءَ نه ٿو ڪري سگهان جناب اعلي کي گذارش ٿو ڪريان ته توهان آفيس مان مون 03 سالن جي لاءَ ايج رليشن سرٽفڪيٽ جاري ڪرڻ فرمائيندا ته مان پنهنجي اپلاءَ سنڌ پوليس ڊپارٽمنيٽ ۾ اپلاءَ ڪري سگها


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