AIOU Assignment Marks Form 2020

I am sharing Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) assignment marks form 2020 for those students whom want to send their assignments. When you have completed your assignment then attach 3 copies of this parat. You have to fill the student section of all the assignment forms.

Why you have to send three copies of assignment form ?

Dear students.. all of these copies will be utilize with the following purposes;

1). First copy of student will be returned after checking of assignment

2). Second copy of Tutor for record

3). Third copy of AIOU university for record

How to fill AIOU Assignment Marks Form

AIOU Form for Assignment has two essential categories, one for student and second for Tutor;

Student Portion of Form

  1. Student Name
  2. Name of Tutor
  3. Roll No
  4. Full Address (Tutor)
  5. Full Address (Student)
  6. Name of Course
  7. Select the Semester of 2020
  8. Code Number
  9. Exercise Number
  10. Due Date
  11. Posted Date
  12. Signature of Student

Tutor Portion of Form

  1. Name of Center
  2. District
  3. Date of receing of assignment
  4. Marks obtained of one by one question
  5. Total obtained marks
  6. Total marks
  7. Opinion of Tutor
  8. Return Date
  9. Signature of Tutor

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