AIOU Result 2023 Matric, FA, BA, MA Autumn & Spring Semester

AIOU Result 2023 Matric, FA, BA, MA Autumn & Spring Semester

When the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) announces the new result 2023 Matric, FA, BA, MA for the semester of Spring or Autumn then every student is starting to Google their online result marksheet. The final results have also included the assignments marks. You can find here qualitative content to understand how can easily find result with just a single click. The official website of AIOU is

Latest AIOU Results Updates on 16th August 2023:

  • AIOU Face To Face Programs Result 2023: All those students who are studying in the AIOU face to face program are informed to check online your latest MSC/MPhil/PhD results. You can check your result through your specific allotted Roll number.   New ]
  1. PhD library and info science
  2. Mphil Quran and Tafseer
  3. MSc. Statistics
  4. MSc. Mathematics
  5. MSc. Chemistry
  6. MSc physics
  7. Mphil Science Education
  8. Mphil Education Ete
  9. Mphil Statistics
  10. Mphil Chemistry
  • AIOU BA and AD Results: The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has finally announced the results of BA and AD programs (except ADC) for semester Autumn 2022. All those students who have got grace marks are congratulated and those who are failed best of luck for future. Kindly check online your AIOU BA result and AD result from the AIOU official website;  [ New ]
  • AIOU PG Program 2023 Result: The Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the result of the following PG programs for the semester spring-23;
  1. MSc. Pakistan Studies
  2. MA EPM
  3. MSc. Economics
  4. MSc. Mass Communication
  5. MSc. Gender and Women Studies
  6. MA Islamic studies
  7. MA Quran and Tafseer
  8. MA Hadith and Shariah
  9. MA Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
  10. MA Islamic Thought History and culture 11. MA Islamic studies General
  11. MA Urdu
  12. MA Special Education
  13. MSc. Forestry Extension
  14. MA Arabic
  15. M.L.I.S
  16. MSc. Sociology
  17. MSc. Sustainable Environmental Design
  18. MSc. Public Nutrition
  19. MSc. Administrative Sciences

AIOU PG Program Result

  • AIOU BS (ODL) Results 2023: Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad has announced the result of BS (ODL) for the semester-2022 in the following degree programs;
  1. BS English
  2. BS Urdu
  3. BS Mass Communication
  4. BS Instructional Design and Tech
  5. BS Islamic Studies
  • AIOU BA Result 2023: The Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the result of BA program for semester spring 20222. All the relates students are informed to check your BA degree result by your specific Roll Number. Best luck for your future.

AIOU BA Result 2023

  • AIOU ATTC ODL Result 2023: Allama Iqbal Open University has officially announced the result of ATTC ODL Mode semester Spring-2022.

AIOU ATTC ODL Result 2023

  • AIOU BA/B.Ed/AD Result Spring-22: The aiou result of BA/B.Ed/AD Spring-22 will be announced that the result is preparing and will be published within a day (Controller’s office).
  • AIOU Announces MSc Result 2023: Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the MSC Result 2023 in the following face to face degree programs;
  1. MSc Microbiology
  2. MSc Environmental Science
  3. MSc Botany
  4. MSc Physics
  5. MSc Statistics
  6. MSc Mathematics
  7. MSc Chemistry

AIOU Announces MSc Result 2023

  • Check AIOU Matric and FA Result Online: All the students who are waiting for the announcement of AIOU Matric and FA result are informed that Allama Iqbal Open University has announced Matric result and Fa Result on today, 8th December 2022. Congratulations to all the successful candidates and stay connected with us.
  • MBA Result: The AIOU has announced the result of MBA programs semester Autumn-21 on 13-11-2022.
  • AIOU 2-Years Masters Result Aut-2021: The Allama Iqbal Open University has announced two years Master program Results Autumn-21. If you are waiting your result then you can simply check your result from The following candidates can check their result;
  1. M.Ed Special Education
  2. MSC Pakistan Studies 
  3. MA Islamic Studies 
  4. MA Quran &Tafseer 
  5. MA Hadith & Seerah 
  6. MA Islamic Law & Jurisprudence
  7. MA Islamic Thought History and culture

AIOU 2-Years Masters Result Aut-2021

  • AIOU BS Results 2022 Announced: Dear Students, the results of the following BS programs have been announced:
  • BS Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)
  • BS Islamic Studies (Hadith & Hadith Science)
  • BS Pakistan Studies
  • BS Islamic Studies (General, Shariah, Seerat, D-E-N Interfaith)
  • BS Instructional Design
  • BS Arabic
  • B.Ed (1.5 years, ADE)
  • B.Ed 4 years STE
  • B.Ed 4 years Science Education
  • B.Ed 4 years ADE based ETE
  • B.Ed 4 years ADE based STE
  • B.Ed 4 years (SCH. leadership Management)
  • AIOU Announces Associate Degrees Result 2022: Result of following programs have been announced on 28.09.2022, for semester Autumn 2021;
  • Associate degree in commerce
  • Associate degree in Education
  • Associate degree in Islamic Banking
  • Associate degree in Marketing
  • AIOU BA/AD Result 2022: As reported by the Controller of Examinations, the Allama Iqbal Open University has officially announced the BA/ AD result. It is being available /uploaded on student’s portal.
  • Matric Autumn-2021 Revised Results: The students can access their results in “Exams & Grades” title in CMS portal. The revision of result for FA is in process.
  • AIOU Matric & FA Result through Roll Number 2022: The Allama Iqbal Open University has announced Matric and FA result Aut-21 declared now. You can access your result through “.  

AIOU Matric & FA Result through Roll Number 2022

  • AIOU Results 2022 Announced: Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the AIOU Result of B.Ed Overseas, PGD Entrepreneurship, MA TEFL, Diploma TEFL, PGD Supply Chain Management, PGD HRM, PGD Criminology, PGD Population Development, MSc Administrative Sciences, M.Com, BA Shahadat ul Aliya and MSc Economics.
  • AIOU M.Ed Result 2022 Date: The result of AIOU M.Ed Degree will be announced within next week. Students are advised to visit for the date of final announcement.
  • AIOU Result of Autumn 2021: AIOU has officially announced the result of Autumn 2021 today on 29th Mar, 2022 in the following degrees;
  1. MS (Management sciences )
  2. Mphil Library Sciences
  3. Mphil Pakistani Languages
  4. Mphil Mass communications
  5. Mphil English
  6. Mphil Pakistan studies
  7. MBA 1.5 years
  8. MBA 2 years
  9. MSc Television production
  10. MSc(Hons) Rural Development
  • AIOU Result March 2022 ODI Spring:  Allama Iqbal Open University has announced AIOU Result today on 16th March 2022  regarding Spring Semester 2021 in the following categories;
  1. MSc Gender and women studies
  2. MA History
  3. MSc Pakistan studies
  4. MA EPM
  5. MSc Economics
  6. MSc Mass communication
  7. MA special education
  8. MA Islamic studies
  9. MA Arabic
  10. MA Urdu
  11. MLIS
  12. MSc forestry
  • AIOU Result of BS  Math + Statistics and MPhil in EPM, DNFE, Science Edu, Special Edu: The result of Allama Iqbal Open University for the following programs of Autumn 2021 face to face have been announced.

BS Programs:

  1. BS Physics
  2. BS Chemistry
  3. BS Microbiology
  4. BS Botany
  5. Bs Environmental Sciences
  6. BS Mathematics
  7. BS Statistics

MSc Programs:

  1. MSc Mathematics
  2. MSc Chemistry
  3. MSc Botany
  4. MSc Environmental Sciences
  5. MSc Physics
  6. MSc Statistics

MPhil Programs:

  1. Mphil Arabic
  2. MPhil Islamic Studies
  3. Mphil Physics
  4. MPhil Mathematics
  5. MPhil Statistics
  6. MPhil Chemistry
  7. MPhil Teacher Education
  8. MPhil ETE
  9. MPhil Arabic
  10. MS Micro-Biology

AIOU Result of BS  Math + Statistics and MPhil in EPM, DNFE, Science Edu, Special Edu

  • AIOU Result of Associate Degree (AD) Spring 21: Necessary updation/revision as per rules/ policy is in progress. Visit : by next weekend to see revised results (where applicable as per rules). Completers will be dispatched afterwards.
  • Calculate Final Marks (Assignments + Papers): General Formula (exceptions aside) with 50% passing marks: Getting 180/200 marks in assignments becomes 180/200×30=27 marks. If one gets 45/100×70=31.5 marks in final paper he/she is RE means fail in exam. He/She got total/conflated marks 27+31.5=58 But RE in exam as he/she did not pass paper. Weightage of assignment 30% (compulsory to pass the subject). Weightage of final exam 70% and requirement of Passing marks 50% in each portion.
  • Final Result Date Spring 2021: According to the sources of AIOU, the result of BA/AD/BS ODL/BEd will be announced on 20th January 2022 at evening. There is a large data and requires more time for cleansing & migration in CMS. This is not FINAL date but we are trying to declare result on same day.
  • Result of Spring 21 Phase-II Exams: The result shall be announced as per academic calendar i.e. around Mid January 2022 most probably early next week. The previous result announcement date is changed.
  • Spring-21 Result: The Final result date of BA/ AD/ B.Ed phase-II shall be announced soon. It will be available through students’ CMS Portal.
  • The Result of BA, AD, BS and B.Ed Spring 2021 Phase-II will be announced on Monday, 10th January, 2022 through CMS.
  • Post-Graduate Phase-III Exams are starting from 16th December 2021 at designated exam centres.
  • Spring 2021: The Provisional Result Certificates/completers of FA and Matric levels shall be placed on CMS portal (student login) after 3:30 pm. The Hard copy of Matric and Intermediate Result will also be dispatched during next week.

How to view your completers of Matric FA

Log into System

Go to Academic Record tile

Select Report Type as per your Academic level.

  • For Matric, Select Result Card SSC (Old)
  • For Intermediate, Select Result Card HSSC (Old)

In case of incorrect value in Report Type, system will throw an error.

Click Submit Button

This will generate your result card as a PDF file in your browser.

Note: Your device should allow popups and have a PDF viewer.

Moreover, you can use view all Requested Reports tab in order to view submitted requests.

How to view your completers of Matric FA

  • Spring 21 Overseas Students: The result of Matric and FA overseas students has been declared, the students can click on to see their results. The Result of overseas students ( Matric, FA, BA) is expected to be announced after few days.

If you are waiting for the result of Matric and FA (Intermediate) then there is a good news the students of SSC/HSSC/Equal Levels. Your result of Semester Spring 2021 will be announced on dated 12-11-2021. To view your result please use the following CMC link:


How To Check AIOU Result Exam and Grade

Step 1: Click Exam and Grades tile

Step 2: Click on “View Grades” button on “My Grades” page

My Grades


Institution:       AIOUN             Allama Iqbal Open University

Academic Programs

Academic Career:  HSSC  Higher Secondary School CERT

Academic Program:  0329 F.A(GEN GP)

Semester Description View Grade
2101 2021 Spring (SSC/HSSC) View Grades

Step 3: Students can view Grades details

Grade Details

ID:                 XXXXXXXXXX

Institution:       AIOUN             Allama Iqbal Open University

Career:                HSSC           Higher Secondary School CERT

Academic Program:                0329 F.A(GEN GP)

Semester:               2101                   2021 SPRING (SSC/HSSC)

Course Title Credit Hrs Grade Grade Description Note
AIOU 364 Urdu-II
AIOU 387 Compulsory English-II

Please note that your login credentials have already been sent to your cell numbers at the time of enrollment by the admission department. (Dy. Controller of Exams Results).

AIOU has declared the result of postgraduate programs – Autumn 2020 and published on the website;

  1. MSc Pak Studies
  2. MA History
  3. MSc Mass Communication
  4. MSc Gender Studies
  5. MA Islamic Studies
  6. MA Urdu

The result of MEd, MA Education and Special Education will be announced very soon.

  • Result showing 0 marks shall be fixed in CMS in shortest possible time
  • If you have forgotten password, contact nearest regional office to reset the same and see the result
  • Grade-F means Fail in the subject
  • Zero marks will be converted into obtained marks within one/2 days
  • Results and onward operations related to Exams have been shifted to CMS link:
  • Spring 2021 please use already provided user credentials to login to your CMS system
  • The students appearing with ‘0’ marks in any subject have been updated in CMS. Now they can see their actual obtained marks through their portal.

Allama Iqbal Open University has announced BA Associate Degree result 2023 date. All the students who were appeared in BA Associate exams then you can check the result from AIOU official website.

AIOU university did not take the physical exams this year due to the Covid-19. AIOU is conducting online exams STE ( Semester Terminal Exam) without taking On-Campus exams. If you want to check your result then you can search from aiou website.

AIOU has officially uploaded the following given results of Spring and Autumn Semester 2020 with semester-wise details. The complete history is also available from Previous Result Inquiry Spring 2002 – Autumn 2019. You also get the provisional certificate which is web based.

Also Check:

Search Result.Aiou.Edu.Pk Result 2023-24

AIOU is the most renown university of the Asia. The university was started with the purpose of providing quality education without visiting student personally at University or College. It is basically non-formal university of Pakistan. AIOU has multiple campuses but the main campus is situated in Islamabad.

AIOU offers educational institutions for students from matric to PhD level while many certificate and diploma courses are also offered for baptismal candidates. Every year, thousands of students take admission to AIOU for various classes and courses. Most courses and classes are based on semester tests and examinations twice a year during the spring and autumn semesters. In addition to distance education, standard classes are held in a few higher classes such as PhD, BSCS etc.

AIOU Matric Result 2023-24 New

Higher education is a step towards becoming a bachelor before passing the HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) from the HEC (Higher Education Commission) accrediting the University of Allama Iqbal. Only a separate study and the learning center releases a variety of materials such as a sheet of day, rolls and slips, instructors, workshops, books, and assignments including tests 1, 2, 3, and 4. in their course code and send it to the official web address by post or through the Aaghi LMS Portal online enclosed in PDF files.

AIOU Result F.A 2023-24

People often worry about the final tests of AIOU Inter Result 2023 when it comes and what happens to him they think of him. Frequently Allama Iqbal University AIOU ICOM Result 2023 is announced that we are all reviewing the results of each month of May and November for the two smart semesters. Good news for young and old alike can easily download their Allama Iqbal Open University FA Result 2023 results uploaded to this web page soon after management caught up and handed out to the media about AIOU Result 2023.

AIOU Result 2023-24 B.A

Nominees for the Bachelor of Arts General and business or computer science team are waiting for Allama Iqbal Open University BA Result 2023 to be uploaded in advance to this web page for all testers. Children are therefore ready to prepare for the final results in January and July when the site announces the results of graduation programs including general degree, science library, science, business and courage Nizami. The result of AIOU BBA 2023 is also being published after the announcement here is available.

AIOU Result 2023-24 M.A

Allama Iqbal Open University MA Results 2023 Vote for Jan and July each smart semester. The Master of Arts degree concludes when you are awarded the examination papers for the various degree programs found in the AIOU 2023 syllabus.

AIOU M.Phil Result 2023-24 Latest

All student results are uploaded during university, without delay. Under the university semester program, students are scheduled to take exams twice a year. Tests start in April and October with the autumn and spring semesters. Students may find that their Allama Iqbal Open University Mphil Result 2023 has been posted online by qualified teachers in a given time window, organized by the University. All students who are willing to study will receive their results, as the exam period has expired.

Also Check:

According to the Allama Iqbal University exam schedule, those who will be enrolled in Mphil in the fall will receive their results in January. Meanwhile, the results of the AIOU Mphil will be announced for students who took the spring semester exams in mid-July.

AIOU Results 2023-24 PhD

Allama Iqbal Open University will be declared Autumn Semester Result 2023 of M.A M.ed M.Sc M.Phil Ph.D. in the last week of March for all private and regular candidates of this year now of official website

AIOU Website

Check Result Online

Employees News Portal Click Here

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