Alien Registration Card Pakistan NADRA

Alien Registration Card Pakistan NADRA has taken over (from NARA) the task of registering non-natives, foreigners residing legally or illegally in Pakistan, through its foolproof biometric information system.

NADRA Alien Registration Card in Pakistan 2023 Benefits

  • Apply for work permit to seek private employment or start own business.
  • Open bank account
  • Permission to stay in Pakistan
  • Travel within the country except restricted areas
  • Seek education in private institutions
  • Get mobile and utility connections
  • Apply for driving license
  • Apply for registration of vehicle
  • Get COVID-19 vaccination
  • Exemption from prosecution under foreigners Act 1946 (14-D)

Documents Required For Registration:

  • Previously issued NARA card OR
  • Any documentary evidence of stay in Pakistan OR
  • Present passport/other travel documents

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Registration is Mandatory for (Issuance of Alien/Foreigner Card):

  • Former Alien Registration Card (NARA) Holders
  • Foreigners who intend to stay in Pakistan for 90 days or more by acquiring visa
  • Foreigners who have entered or are present in Pakistan illegally and have spent over 5 years

Renewal of Previous NARA Cards Now Open

Note: Afghan Nationals & POC Holders Do Not Require Alien Registration Card;

Contact Details:

For more queries, details and information contact us;

National Database & Registration Authority

Helpline111 786 100

AddressNADRA Headquarters, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone+92 51 111 786 100 

Alien Registration Card Pakistan NADRA

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  1. Dear sir
    i have few queries regarding ARC, please clarify :
    1: do cardholder need a visa after availing ARC card
    2: if yes and need visa so is the ARC card holder considered as over stay or any panalty to be paid ?
    3: ARC card holder can travel out side country (umra) or home town and return back Pakistan.

    Ayoub Khan


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