Allotment of Government Accommodation with Permission Letter

A Government employee who has got allotment of Government Accommodation through the permission letter by the concerned Department, how much time is acceptable for the possession. All the details are entirely valuable, especially for all Federal Government Servants eligible for accommodation or hiring.

House Allotment of Government Accommodation Rules

On receipt of an allotment letter or in case of hired houses the permission of occupation letter from the Estate Office, the Federal Government Servants shall take over possession of accommodation from the Enquiry Office within ten days of such allotment or permission of occupation and sign a receipt for all fittings and fixtures under intimation to the Estate Office and his Department.

Where an FGS does not accept allotment within seven days or does not occupy the allotted house within ten days of the allotment without any cogent reason, such allotment shall be cancelled without any notice, and his name shall be brought at the bottom of the relevant General Waiting List, and the Government accommodation shall be allotted to the next eligible FGS as per rule 7.

In the case of a hired house, the permission of occupation shall be withdrawn. The Enquiry Officer shall send the occupation report to the Estate Office in duplicate within three days of occupation.

Allotment of Government Accommodation with Permission Letter

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