Annual School Census 2021-22 through School Information System (SIS)

The Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit, Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme, Government of the Punjab has issued the official Notification letter on 25th October, 2021 in connection with Annual School Census 2021-22 through School Information System (SIS).

Traditionally, PMIU conducts Annual School Census on October 31st every year through printed forms but in Annual School Census 2018-19 it was conducted through School Information System (SIS) As School Information System (SIS) has matured and almost all schools have entered most of their data, it has been suggested again to continue collection of digitized data through SIS.

Although the SIS data is in real-time and can be collected anytime through the web portal, yet in order to obtain a complete picture of the sector at a given/cut-off date, a data completion/updating activity on SIS may be conducted simultaneously across the province.

Annual School Census 2021-22 Punjab

It is, therefore, proposed that a “School Census Day” may be observed on 15 November 2021. On this day, all public schools including Masjid Maktab. Primary. Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary will be required to log in to the SIS application on their tablets after teaching hours and submit updated data.

All the District Education Officials from CEOs down to AEOs will be required to personally visit schools and ensure successful completion of the activity. Mock exercise regarding census data submission was done in phase 1 and all schools were required to enter and update data till 25th October 2021. In this regard district wise status of readiness of schools for data submission is attached at (Annex A).

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The final phase will start from 26th October till 19 November 2021 for complete census data submission. All data submitted during the mock exercise will be erased on 30th October 2021 and districts will require to re-submit the complete census data from 31 October 2021 to 15 November 2021.

Annual School Census Questionnaire 2021-22

For submission of census data, all school heads must:

  1. Ensure all SIS input fields (students records, teachers and staff records and school facilities, etc.) are up to date and accurate by 15 November. After this date, the submission of the census form will be locked.
  2. Submit the form on 1 November by clicking on the “Submit Census Form” button in SIS App (school census section).
  3. School heads to take a printout of submitted forms and then sign and stamp the census form of their school before onward submission to the relevant AEO/DMO office. (Note: Printable census form will be available only after AEO verification through their AEO app (in case of Primary/ Elementary school) and DMO office verification through DMO dashboard (in case of High/Higher Secondary School)

In the case of Primary and Elementary schools, the submitted census form will be visible to AEOs in AEO app of SIS. AEOs will validate the data electronically by 6 November 2021 and AEOs will then sign and stamp the census form mentioned in para 3(ii) above and submit all forms in the DMO office by 12th November 2021.

In the Case of High, Higher Secondary schools DMOs are responsible for data validation and DMOs will validate the data electronically by the 15th of November, 2021. High/ Higher secondary schools will submit printed census forms in the DMO office after verification from relevant DEO secondary by 20 November 2021. Please ensure that instructions in this regard are timely passed on to relevant officials and school heads.

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Annual School Census 2021 through School Information System (SIS)

Annual School Census 2021-22 Punjab

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