Anti-Dengue Activities of Dormant Users

The Government of Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official notification on 27th April 2022 in connection with Anti-Dengue Activities of Dormant Users.

It has been observed that anti-dengue activities / snaps are not being uploaded on dengue dashboard by some anti-dengue users, as the continued dormancy of Dengue users may hinder the successful running of Anti-Dengue campaign.

Anti-Dengue SOPs for Schools in Punjab

You are therefore, requested to ensure activation of all dormant users registered on dengue Dashboard for anti-dengue activities. Furthermore, (SOPs mentioned below, need to be adopted for eradication of Dengue virus: –

  • Cleanliness (premises, toilets, water tanks, roof tops etc.)
  • Display of Dengue related Banners, Posters & Charts
  • Grass Cutting from lawns and grounds
  • Removal of Junks/debris
  • Removal of Stagnant Water
  • Plugging of water leakages
  • Ban on wearing of Half Sleeve Shirts
  • Observance of Zero Period
  • All kind of spray are banned
  • Maintenance of vector free environment
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Anti-Dengue Activities of Dormant Users

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