Anticipatory Pension @ 65% Disbursement Rules Sindh Govt

Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued the official Notification letter in connection with anticipatory pension for pensioners @ 65% Disbursement Rules Sindh Govt.

Notification of Anticipatory Pension Disbursement Rules Sindh 2024

In continuation of this department’s Memorandum of even number, dated 6th February, 2017, thereby all the Principal Accounting Officers were requested that no pension case should be withheld for completion of documentation and NOCs etc.

That Anticipatory Pension may be sanctioned as mandated under section 29(4) of Sindh Civil Servant Act, 1973, In order to avoid interruption of transfer of pay to pension, it has been decided that Accountant General Sindh and District Accounts Officers are authorized the rules to disburse the anticipatory Pension @ 65% of basic pay as per last pay certificate drawn for a period of one years keeping in view the following points:-

Length of Qualifying Service For Anticipatory Pension

Length of qualifying service available as per Accounts Officer’s record provided that the pension is for regular government employee and is on the payroll of the Accounts Office concerned and that there is no disciplinary action or inquiry against him reported by the department concerned. If the department concerned decides to forfeit or withhold the right to pension in respect of the department Officer that same may be informed to the Account Officer concerned before hand.

Anticipatory Pension Credit in Bank Account

Anticipatory monthly pension shall be credited to the same bank account from where the employee was drawing his salary. The anticipatory pension shall be paid for a maximum period of one years following the retirement;

In Case of Death, Widow & Widower

In case of death of a government employee, the widow, widower or dependents available on parent department’s record shall open a bank account for the purpose;

In Case of Disciplinary Action

In case of a disciplinary action against the employee who is about to retire, the parent office concerned and, in case of deputation, the borrowing department shall immediately intimate the Accounts Officer concerned so that anticipatory monthly pension may be disallowed.

In Service Death

Focal person of Administrative Department for pensioners shall confirm through a letter regarding the credentials of the claimants of anticipatory pension in respect of a deceased employee. In case of in service death, even on the day of superannuation, if the family of deceased government employee is getting salary under the chief Minister special package, he shall not be eligible for pension benefits until the salary is stopped.

Excessive, Undue or Irregular Payment

The anticipatory pension shall be released on behalf of Pension Sanctioning Authority, Principal Accounting Officer or Head of Department. In case of excess, undue or irregular payment on this account, the same shall be recovered from the pensioners or beneficiaries concerned.

Anticipatory Pension @ 65% Disbursement Rules Sindh Govt

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