Application For Allotment of Government Accommodation

Approximately, every single employee working in Federal Govt Services always want to see him/her in the waiting list for allotment of government accommodation. Now, it is pertinent to ensure what steps or procedure should be adopted through the application form for the registration and allotment of Govt made accommodation.

Allotment of Government Accommodation Step By Step Procedure

We will define all the steps for the information and help of every Federal Government employees working throughout Pakistan;

Application Form:

The applications for allotment of Government accommodation shall be received on the application form specified in annex-B. This form shall be forwarded to Estate Office under covering note by the department or Ministry of the applicant, certifying that the particulars given in the form are correct.

Issuance of Registration Card:

The application for accommodation as and when received from an applicant, shall be acknowledged by the Estate Office by issuing a registration card in the form set out in annex-C.

Maintain Waiting List:

The Estate Office shall maintain waiting list of Federal Government Employees who have applied for government accommodation on the prescribed form. The copies of the GWL shall be provided to all eligible Ministries or Divisions or departments for information.

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Benefit of Seniority For Accommodation:

Seniority of a Federal Government Servants in the relevant GWL shall be determined from the date of his entitlement to the class of accommodation.

If the date of entitlement of two or more FGSs is the same, the seniority shall be determined on the basis of length of service in the BPS and if the length of service in PBS is the same then the seniority shall be determined from the date of birth.

If an allottee is transferred or sent on deputation to out station to an eligible department, he shall carry his seniority with him and shall be allotted accommodation at the new station of his posting on the basis of his date of entitlement to the class of accommodation.

Priority for Allotment of Accommodation:

Federal Secretaries (BPS-22) and officers in BPS-22 will be given priority of allotment of accommodation in case they are not in occupation of Government accommodation elsewhere.

Mode of Allotment:

The allotment of Government owned accommodation shall be made to the most senior FGS on GWL of a particular class or category of accommodation.

Allotment of Pool Accommodation:

Allotment of pool accommodation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ISI only be made by the Estate Office on the recommendation of the relevant department. Allotment in each class and category shall be made subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the form of allotment letter as set out in annex-D.

In case a house of his entitlement is not available, a FGS may be allotted an accommodation of a class or category lower than his entitlement on payment of normal rent on maturity of his turn on the basis of GWL of that category.

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Application For Allotment of Government Accommodation

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