Artificial Shortage of Lifesaving Tab Dexamethasone For Covid-19 Patients

Office of the Deputy Commissioner Ghotki Mirpur Mathelo has issued the official Notification letter on 18th June, 2020 in connection with artificial shortage of lifesaving Tab Dexamethasone for Covid-19 patients.

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In the wake of outbreak of COVID-19, some elements are trying to create artificial shortage of Tab Dexamethasone (all strengths) as the World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes the initial clinical trial results from the United Kingdom that show dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, can be lifesaving for patients who are critically ill with COVID-19.

In this regard all the pharmacies and medical stores shall ensure uninterrupted supply and availability of the medicine at the notified rates. The medicine shall be sold only on valid prescription bearing stamp and signature or a registered medical practitioner having PMDC Registration Number on it.

Moreover, for every sale, the pharmacies/retailers shall keep a copy or prescription and ensure entry into the sale register record purpose and audit by the Assistant Commissioners.

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Sale of the above mentioned medicine at inflated or exorbitant rates or the sale in bulk or its artificial shortage by hoarding shall be cognizable under the Sindh Essential Commodities Price Control and Prevention or Profiteering and Hoarding Act, 2005 (Sindh Act No. IX of 2006) and the Sindh Epidemic Act, 2014.

All the Assistant Commissioners are directed to make inspection, and conduct audit of the pharmacies and medical stores within their jurisdiction with further instructions to ensure uninterrupted supply of the medicine Dexamethasone and its sale to consumers with valid prescription.

Artificial Shortage of Lifesaving Tab Dexamethasone For Covid-19 Patients

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