Artist Support Program Fund Application Form

Information & Culture Department, Government of Punjab has required the applications from the Artists of Punjab relating to different professions are listed below:

Artist Support Program Fund

1). Film

2). T.V

3). Radio

4). Theater

5). Music

6). Dance

7). Painting

8). Calligraphy

9). Sculpture

10). Technical Professionals

Artist Support Program Eligibility Criteria

Age limit will atleast 50 years

25 years Experience is required

Monthly income should be less than 15 thousands

Last date for submission of Application is 29, October, 2024

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria which is given above then the applications form of Artist Support Program Fund is given below. You can get Application Forms from the offices of concerned Art Councils and postal address is given below.

Download Application Form of Artist Support Program

Artist Support Program Fund Application Form

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