Assure Safety/Security of School Assets during Winter Vacations Break 2019-20

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Khanewal has issued the official Notification letter on 14th November, 2019 in connection with assure safety / security of school assets during winter vacations break w.e.f. 20 December, 2019 to 05 Jan 2020.

With reference to Notification No.SO(A-I)I-3112008 dated 13th December 2019 from School Education Department, Govt. Of Punjab, Winter Vacations in all Public and Private Schools in Punjab will be observed with effect from 20.12.2019 to 05.01.2020. All Schools (Public and Private) shall re-open on 6th January, 2020.

Therefore, measures regarding safety and security of School Assets are to be assured to avoid any untoward incident during winter break w.e.f. 20-Dec-20 19 to OS-Jan-2020 by all means.

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The undersigned has already intimated to all of you Vide No. 11026 dated 19-12-2018, Vide No. 1084 dated 29-01-2019, Vide No.1082 dated 29-01-2019, Vide No. 11188 dated 22-02-2018, Vide No. 65 dated 01-01-2019. Vide No. 2210 dated 02-03-2019, Vide No. 11189 dated 22-12-2018, Vide letter No. 2615 dated 09/03/2019 and Vide No. 3096 dated 18/03/2019 on the subject mentioned above and now again intimated through this office letter to ensure safety / security of school assets by all means.

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The ultimate goal of School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab is to provide quality education at safe and secure schools. Keeping in view the sensitivity of safety I security measures “Dangerous Building” (if ally) in school is declared as “NO GO AREA“.

So, All of you are directed to intimate to all Head Teachers of schools under your domain regarding implementation of above stated subject in true letter and spirit to avoid any untoward incident.

Current Weather may be very drastic and devastating due to intensive rainy pattern. Therefore direct all of your head teachers to take care of their school’s building and make necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure safety and security of school assets.

Head Teachers are directed to ensure cleanliness especially of roof top, drainage / sewerage pipelines for proper flow of water and re-examine boundary wall condition. Expedite response will be highly appreciable.

Assure SafetySecurity of School Assets during Winter Vacations Break 2019-20

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