At a Glance Widget Drops Google Assistant Branding in Latest Update

At a Glance Widget Drops Google Assistant Branding in Latest Update

Surprisingly, the At a Glance homescreen app, which is a standard part of all Android phones, has changed its name so that it no longer works with Google Assistant.

After being redesigned in October, the gadget, which used to be called “Assistant At a Glance,” said that it was powered by Google Assistant and would give people up-to-date information.

The “Assistant” name has been taken off the gadget since the most recent beta update of the Google app (version 15.11), though. It is now just called “At a Glance.” It looks like Google Assistant will not be playing a big role in how the widget works anymore. This change has also been made to the settings page that goes with the app.

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When Google first talked about the Gemini app, they said that At a Glance was a feature “powered directly by Google Assistant.” But this latest change has led to rumours that the Google Assistant name might be taken off the market. Reports in the past have hinted that Gemini might be growing to include headphones, which is another sign that Google is changing its approach.

Users have found a bug that makes the three-dot overflow button on the app unreadable, even after the update. Users can still get to the menu by tapping the empty place to the left of the weather screen.

Overall, this new name for the At a Glance app is different from its old connection with Google Assistant. It suggests that Google’s software environment is changing in bigger ways.

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