Audit of the Accounts for Year Upto 2018-19

Director General Audit (Punjab) Lahore ha issued the official Notification letter in connection with  Audit of the Accounts for Year Upto 2018-19.

The provisions of the Auditor General’s (Functions, Powers and Terms and Conditions of Service) Ordinance, 2001 (The Auditor-General), read with Article 169 and 171 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, provide the Auditor General of Pakistan with the mandate to audit the accounts of your department. The undersigned alongwith Abdul Muqeet, Senior Auditor, has been deputed to conduct the audit of your office (RN 4165 SDA) starting from 05-10-2019.

It is, therefore, requested kindly direct the concerned staff to provide all the documents/information/record relating to the expenditure incurred during the period of last audit till 30th June 2019 for audit scrutiny and also depute a well versed officer with the audit party for coordination so that audit work could be completed within the target period. The list of record required to perform compliance audit is attached at annexure ‘ A’.

List of Auditable Record

  1. Copy of the last Audit Inspection Report
  2. Copy of the Internal Audit Report
  3. Copy of expenditure statement cost center wise & object wise up to 30th June, 2017 along with reconciliation with A.G Punjab/D.A.O
  4. Copy of budget allocation cost center wise up to 30th June 2017
  5. Copy of Income Statement (Estimated & Actual) along with challan and verification with treasury
  6. Sanctioning strength / working strength
  7. List of rented buildings
  8. List of vehicles (mode/make/status/attached to)
  9. List of telephones (official/residential)
  10. List of meters (Sui Gas/Electricity)
  11. List of accommodation (residence no, category of residence, allottee name, date of occupation)
  12. List of Bank Accounts along with cash book and Bank Reconciliation Statements
  13. Office order book and Circular Files
  14. PLA/SDA cash book, Pass Book along with Reconciliation
  15. List of development projects along with copy of PC-I
  16. Details of L/C’s
  17. Cash Book(s)
  18. Schedule of payments
  19. Budget control register
  20. Stock register/assets register/liability register
  21. History Files of Machinery & Equipment
  22. Paid vouchers
  23. Deposited challan and C.Y. Reports
  24. Service book/personal files
  25. Payroll/pay bills
  26. Scale audit register
  27. Recovery register
  28. Contract file
  29. Log books of vehicles/generator etc
  30. Any other auditable record

Audit of the Accounts for Year Upto 2018-19

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