Austerity Measures for Financial Year 2019-20

Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Expenditure Wing) has issued the Office Memorandum on 21 August, 2019 in connection of Austerity Measures for Financial Year 2019-20.

The undersigned is directed to state that owing to financial constraints the competent authority is pleased to enforce following austerity measures during the financial year 2019-20 with immediate effect:-

i) There will be a complete ban on purchase of all types of vehicles (excluding motorcycles) both for current as well as development expenditure.

(ii) Creation of new posts will be banned except those required for development projects and approved by the competent authority.

(iii) Entitlement of periodical, magazines, News papers etc. of entitled officers will remain restricted to only one.

(iv) Principal Accounting Officers (PAOs) will ensure rationalized utility consumption i.e electricity, gas, telephone, water etc and the expenditure on purchase of Assets, repair & maintenance and other operational expenditures shall be kept at bare minimum level while remaining within the budgetary allocation for the financial year.

(v) Two sides of paper shall be used in all official communications.

2. To cater with the indispensable needs of the Ministries / Divisions/ Departments/Organizations the competent authority is pleased to constitute an Austerity Committee comprising of the following officers to review the critical, unavoidable and significant proposals only in respect of purchase of vehicles /creation of posts.

(i) Additional Finance Secretary (Expenditure) (In Chair)

(ii) Senior Joint Secretary/ Joint Secretary (Expenditure) (Member)

(iii) Senior Joint Secretary/ Joint Secretary (Member)
(Exp. – of concerned Ministry/Division), Finance Division

(iv) CF&AO of the concerned Ministry!Division (Member)

(v) Representative of the concerned Ministry!Division (Member)
!Department (Not less than an officer in 8S-20)

(vi) Deputy Secretary (Expenditure) (Secretary)

3. All Ministries/Divisions are requested to disseminate the above instructions to all departments under their administrative control for strict compliance.

Austerity Measures for Financial Year 2019-20

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