Award of Qualification Allowance 2019

Office of the Chief Executive Office District Education Authority, Mianwali has issued the order No. 3137 on 24 August, 2019 in the matter of award of qualification allowance.

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Government of the Punjab, Education Department (School Wing) Lahore Notification dated 24 August, 2007 and FD.SR dated 1-10-2013 sanction is hereby accorded to the grant of qualification of allowance to the following teachers working in various school on acquiring higher qualification with effect from the date mentioned against their name.

Terms and Conditions 

The DDO is responsible to check all the following conditions:-

This qualification allowance will not be admissible if the teacher concerned is already in receipt of any kind of benefit of higher qualification either in shape of advance increments or higher pay scales.

If any omission / error is found at any stage, the above order will be cancelled and the teacher concerned will be bound to refund the amounts drawn by him in the shape on higher qualification allowance.

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The qualification allowance received @ 1200/- will be discontinued w.e.f. 1-4-2013  as up graded to the Rs. 5000/- in the light of Government Notification No. FD-SR1-9-47/2013 dated 1-10-2013.

Award of Qualification Allowance 2019

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