Awareness and Precautions for Bank Customers Against COVID-19

Now a days everyone knows, Government of Pakistan has announced a decision to provide salary to the employees before 27th March, 2020. So it is utmost important to keep all the awareness and precautions while visiting at Banks due to deadly Covid-19 coronavirus.

To combat the spread of CoronaVirus and to minimize person to person interaction at banking facilities in Pakistan, Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) suggests the following precautionary measures for bank customers;

  • Minimize branch visits and use Alternate Delivery Channels (ADCs) such as; ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking etc.
  • Use of ADC’s is recommended, as blank notes may pose a potential risk in spreading the virus.
  • Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizers before and after dealing with bank branch staff and using ATMs and refrain from shaking hand’s with bank employees.
  • Do not visit a bank facility if you have any symptoms of fever and cough.

For your information, your bank’s call centres/helplines are available 24/7 for instant customer support.

Awareness and Precautions for Bank Customers Against COVID-19

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