Awareness Campaign To Stop Spread of CoronaVirus in Pakistan

It is essential to have sufficient knowledge about awareness campaign to stop spread of CoronaVirus in Pakistan.

Composition of Awareness Team (Rural/Urban)

i. One male and One Female teacher

ii. One Police Man

iii. Lumberdar / Councilor

iv. Chowkidar

v. Any notable opted by the Lumberdar / Councilor

Working SOP of the Team

  • The team will be headed by the male teacher
  • The male teacher in consultation with the Lumberdar can constitute more than one team in the same village, keeping in view the size and population of the village.
  • In case of more than one teams, the slot of Lumberdar in consultation with male teacher.
  • The AEO (M&F) will monitor / supervise the whole activity in their respective markaz.
  • ln case of any issue the DDO/AEO with assistance of Secretary Union Council concerned shall resolve the same.

Task of the Team

  • Conveying the message of the Government regarding precautions protection form Covid-19/C. Virus as per hand out.
  • Nothing down of essential data required for smooth functioning of District management.
  • Enlisting the needy people who have gone redundant in consequence of lock down.
  • Recording general behavior of the masses regarding this outbreak of Covid-19.
  • Motivate general public regarding strict adherence of government policies and create awareness about anti COVID- 19 campaigns.

Precautions for the Awareness Teams in the Field

  • All teams in the field shall ensure the following precautions:­
  • Self-protective covers, mask, gloves and sanitizing etc.
  • Observing distance of 6 feet at least while interacting.
  • Duration shall be from 9 AM to 4 PM including Sunday.

Awareness Campaign To Stop Spread of CoronaVirus in Pakistan

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