Bank Al-Habib Offers Kamyab Jawan Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) 2021

Bank Al-Habib with the collaboration of Pakistan Govt is offering Kamyab Jawan Loan through the program of Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) 2021 which contains multiple benefits such as most reliable installments.

Kamyab Jawan Loan Through Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) 2021

The Kamyab Jawan Bank Al-Habib Loan scheme deadline for submission of application form is very much important to keep remember. All the eligible persons will receive the amount of Loan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan another great efforts to build the nation through making efforts to strong the youth of Pakistan.

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All the Male/Female can eligible to apply for the Kamyab Jawan Loan 2021. The guidelines in this regards are tabulated below in order to benefit for common people.

Eligibility Criteria For Kamyab Jawan Loan Bank Al-Habib

Age Limits



Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK)


Kamyab Jawan Entrepreneurship Scheme


Prime Minister Loan Scheme (Phase 2021)


Male & female

Nature of Loan

With low interest

Loan Limit

SME, Business Skills, IT/E-Commerce Businesses


One Lakh to 2 and Half Crore

Loan Type

Long Term Loans / Working Capital Loans Including Incentives and Leasing / Commercial Use Loans for Locally Manufactured Vehicles. A borrower is allowed only one guarantee.

Loan Term

Long term loan up to 8 years including maximum 1 year grace period

Short term loan one year

Loan Installments

Equal monthly installments

Security Arrangements

First class personal guarantee from the borrower

Class II and III loans as per the bank’s own credit policy

Lending vehicle under first, second and third class will be considered as collateral

Kamyab Jawan loan Details

Key Points Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Amount of Loan From one lakh Pakistani rupees to one million Pakistani rupees From one million Pakistani rupees to one crore Pakistani rupees From one crore Pakistani rupees to two and a half crore Pakistani rupees
Applicant Processing Fee
Debt security for new businesses 90:10 80:20 80:20

Kamyab Jawan Loan Program – Latest Updates on 18-12-2020

Successful young people are fulfilling their dreams with the program. This is how Aamir Raza dreamed of starting a private rice mill, a successful youth program showed the way. Aamir applied for the money through Allied Bank and his amount of Rs. 19,000,000 was accepted after all the verification process.

Aamir Raza Got Kamyab Jawan Loan

Mohammad Sabteen applied for a successful youth program through Bank of Punjab to start his own IT business. After all the verification process and submission of documents, his amount of Rs. 7,300,000 was approved.

Mohammad Sabteen Got Kamyab Jawan Loan for IT Business From Bank of Punjab

How to Get Kamyab Jawan Loan From Bank Al-Habib – Application Form

All the interested candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria whish is given above then you must visit the offiical website of KAMYAB JAWAN PROGRAM

Kamyab Jawan Loan Application Form Download:

You can apply online through the link given below

How to Check Application Status of Kamyab Jawan Program:

If any applicant want to know the Kamyab Jawan Loan program application status then click here for their Nojwan for the Confirm of  Status from official website.

How To Fill Kamyab Jawan Application Form (Video Tutorial)

Bank Al-Habib Offers Kamyab Jawan Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) 2021

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