Bank of Punjab (BOP) Bonus Munafa Term Deposit

Bank of Punjab (BOP) Bonus Munafa Term Deposit offers monthly profit on your savings. Get 2% p.a. additional bonus profit by maintaining only 25% of total BMTD amount as monthly average balance in the linked Current Account. This facility is available for common people, who is eligible to open bank account and invest as per bank’s criteria. The term deposit can be booked singly or jointly.

Visit your nearest BOP branch and invest in BMTD today to enjoy unmatched profits.

Muafa Aur Khushyan Ab Do Feesad Aur

  • Minimum investment amount is Rs.50,000/- and no maximum limit
  • Flexible tenure of 1 to 12 months
  • Customer can open any type of linked current account (BOP Tijarat Account, BOP Life Current Account, BOP Salary Plus Account, BOP Youth Education Account, BOP Current Direct Pension Credit Account, BOP Basic Banking Account, BOP Kissan Dost Current Account, BOP Asaan Current Account, BOP Yes Business Account)
  • If the requirement of 25% monthly average deposit in the linked current account is not met in any month, customer will not qualify for bonus profit
  • In case of pre-mature encashment, rate corresponding to the highest completed tenure, as available at the time of TD booking for respective Term Deposit Product, shall be applied for the entire outstanding period of TD. However, in case of term deposit of one month, the prevailing normal savings rate shall be applied. The differential of profit already paid will be deducted out of accrued profit payable &/or customer’s account
  • Upto 90% Financing Facility available as per bank’s policy in vogue.

Bank of Punjab (BOP) Bonus Munafa Term Deposit

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