Biometric Attendance System in Educational Institutions 2020

Office of the Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala has issued the official Notification letter on 11th January, 2020 in connection with biometric attendance system in educational institutions.

Reference the meeting chaired by Commissioner Gujranwala Division Gujranwala dated 7-1-2020 and minutes of meeting bearing No. GA-I/COMMR/130 dated 08-1-2020.

Wherein the chair advised that institutions may be issued to all schools for ensuring biometric attendance therein. This process would be completed across the division within a month. He stressed that this may be assigned top priority.

It is required that all head of institutions may be directed to ensure the installation of biometric attendance system in their institutions in compliance of the instruction of Commissioner Gujranwala Division within a month time period.

Biometric Attendance System in Educational Institutions 2020

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