BISP Poverty Score decides Eligibility Latest Updates 2023

BISP Poverty Score decides Eligibility

According to the BISP latest news, you cannot avail BIP Kafalat cash money because of their poverty score is too high because it decides your eligibility or ineligilbity. This makes people worry about the merit system of Benazir Income Support program which is primary requirement of every poor family.

The Benazir Kafalat program helps poor families in the Pakistan by providing them emergency payment as financial assistance package. But to get the money, you must have a low poverty score, which shows how poor you are.


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If your family didn’t received the BISP money because your poverty score is too high. It means you cannot get the financial support which is required to make your life better.

The Benazir Kafalat program is important to help poor families. But some people say that the rules for getting help should be change. They think the eligibility criteria should consider things like where you live and how much things cost.

People want the relaxation in the criteria for the approval of BISP support. They want change in the eligibility and rules the government to as per the inflation which is rising day by day. This way, more families who really need help can get it.


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From now onwards, you can easily enroll in this program to change your life with the BISP easy to register criteria. This shows that we need a merit-based system to help poor families in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan needs to think about how to make the Benazir program better. People are watching and hoping for changes to help more families in need.

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