BOP Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Week 2022

Bank of Punjab (BOP) is celebrating the diversity & inclusion week 2022. The Bank of Punjab continues to work on State Bank of Pakistan’s policy of “Banking on Equality“, making great progress in facilitating registration of beneficiaries, digital payments, disbursements and cash-outs welfare products;

  1. Khidmat Card
  2. Zewar-e-Taleem Program
  3. Bahimat Bazurg
  4. Aagosh
  5. Sila-e-Fun
  6. Masawaat Program

BOP Celebration on Welfare Products 2022

Khidmat Card: (59,000+ Beneficiaries)

Unconditional Cash transfer program for person with disabilities.

Zewar-e-Taleem Program: (600,000+ Beneficiaries)

Conditional Cash transfer for girls enrolled in public sector school on 80% attendance.

Bahimat Bazurg: (70,000+ Beneficiaries)

Unconditional Cash Transfer Program providing dignified social pension for women above the age of 65.

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Aagosh: (100+ Beneficiaries)

Conditional Cash Transfer Program for underprivileged women to utilize health & nutrition services during first 1000 days lifecycle of the child.

Sila-e-Fun: (200+ Beneficiaries)

Unconditional Cash Transfer program for elderly artists who have served in related field for more than 25 years.

Masawaat Program: (50+ Beneficiaries)

Unconditional Cash Transfer for elderly & differently-abled transgenders.

The Bank of Punjab aims to further strengthen this transformation alongside State Bank of Pakistan to achieve the goal of equal opportunities through the adoption of friendly banking policies and practices.

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BOP Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Week 2022

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