Breaking News: Rawalpindi Board Increases Pay Raise for Exam Staff

Rawalpindi Board Increases Pay Raise for Exam Staff

The Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has just approved a substantial rise in compensation for exam workers. This increase will be implemented immediately, starting from the Matriculation (First Annual) exams of 2024 and onwards, and will affect all exam staff members.

As per the announcement released on March 29, 2024, the Competent Authority has approved the suggestions made by the Controller of Examinations, resulting in a significant increase in the salary rates for different examination positions.

The letter highlights a significant rise in the pay range for all types of examination staff. Superintendents will now be compensated with Rs. 1200 for single-session tests and Rs. 2000 for double-session exams, representing a substantial increase over the previous rates.

Deputy Superintendents, Invigilators, IT Clerks, Resident Inspectors, Distributing Inspectors, Sweepers, Chowkidars and Daphtris would all receive increased pay rates, which will vary from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1800, based on their specific duties and responsibilities.

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This decision is a source of satisfaction for examination personnel who have consistently lobbied for improved compensation, taking into account the challenging nature of their responsibilities. The elevated remuneration rates are intended to acknowledge the vital duty fulfilled by examination personnel in guaranteeing the seamless and equitable administration of board tests.

The Board has instructed all pertinent authorities and workers to acknowledge the updated salary structure and guarantee its prompt adoption. Duplicates of the notification have been distributed to important stakeholders, such as the Chairman’s office, the Secretary’s office, the Finance department, and other relevant persons.

The Rawalpindi Board’s declaration indicates its dedication to supporting and appreciating the diligent staff responsible for supervising examinations, therefore improving the overall efficiency and integrity of the examination process.

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