British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Marks

British Broadcasting Corporation, of the address Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA, United Kingdom is one of the best known and most respected organisations in the world, carrying on the business of, inter alia, radio and television production and broadcasting, the provision of online content via the internet, the production of films and the publication of books, magazines, instructional and teaching material and other printed matter; hereby brings to notice of the general public that it is the owner of the following trademarks (herein after referred to as BBC marks).

The BBC marks are being used exclusively by British Broadcasting Corporation in all major jurisdictions of the world including Pakistan. A tremendous amount of goodwill and reputation is associated with the BBC marks and associated art work and theme tune and only British Broadcasting Corporation has the sole right to permit use of the same.

It has come to notice that various people, including some purported journalists, in Pakistan are illegally and immorally using the BBC marks or similar variations to promote and transmit their unauthorized broadcasts over the internet, in particular through social media sites, with a view of unlawfully taking advantage of our client’s name and reputation.

The misuse of the well-known BBC marks for these fake broadcasts is likely to cause deception and confusion, and has the potential to cause great harm to the public at large. British Broadcasting Corporation taking serious notice of the unauthorized and illegal use of their BBC marks and associated IP has initiated legal action to put a stop to these practices.

Be it known to all that stern legal action will be taken against any person, firm or company found’ involved in using BBC marks, associated IP, or illegally claiming to be associated with British Broadcasting Corporation in any manner whatsoever, under all applicable civil and criminal laws, solely at the risk of such persons as to cost and consequences.

Members of the public having any knowledge / information of the above-mentioned trademarks being used by anyone other than British Broadcasting Corporation are requested to get in touch at the address mentioned below.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Marks

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