Cambie Bridge Closed Overnight for Upcoming Tron: Ares Film

Cambie Bridge Closed Overnight for Upcoming Tron: Ares Film

Vancouver’s iconic Cambie Street Bridge experienced a temporary closure overnight on both Thursday and Friday to facilitate filming for the highly anticipated movie “Tron: Ares.”

The closure, which lasted from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. on both nights, was necessary for the production company, Mocne Productions Inc., to capture driving sequences for the upcoming installment of the Tron franchise.

Filming involved a spectacle of vehicles, including motorcycles and simulated traffic scenarios, as seen in a video posted by CityNews’ Chad Harris. The scene showcased the character Ares, played by Jared Leto, racing across the bridge in an illuminated red suit, adding to the excitement surrounding the film’s release in 2025.

Drones were deployed over the area until late hours, and cranes provided illumination for the filming process, enhancing the visual impact of the scenes being captured.

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While transit rerouting was in effect, the City of Vancouver suggested alternative routes for commuters during the closure period, ensuring minimal disruption to the city’s daily operations.

“Tron: Ares” marks the third installment in the Tron series, following the groundbreaking original film released in 1982 and its sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” which premiered nearly three decades later. The use of Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge for filming adds to the city’s reputation as a popular destination for Hollywood productions.

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the titular character, Ares, has generated significant anticipation among fans, with his recent sightings in costume during filming further fueling excitement for the movie.

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As filming for “Tron: Ares” continues in Vancouver, residents can expect further closures on Friday night, extending from West 7th Avenue to Beatty Street, as the production team works to capture additional scenes for the highly anticipated film.

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