Can Casual Leave be Combined with Holidays

Everything is working under any SOP or Policy just like we can talk about casual leave. The rules of sanctioning casual leave is almost very simple and known for everyone. But the confusion creates when the Public/Local holidays comes between/after/before our casual leaves.

First of all, i would be share some queries generally people ask from us likewise given below;

What criteria should be followed in case of, combination of casual leave with holidays

√ Can casual leave be combined with holidays

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The above queries are generally people wanted to know the actual policy and rules for the Govt of Pakistan.

Some doubts have been raised regarding the combination of casual leave with holidays. After careful consideration of the matter it has been decided that:

(a). Casual leave may be prefixed or suffixed to a closed or optional holiday,

(b). Casual leave may be sandwiched in between two closed or optional holidays

However, if a closed or an optional holiday falls between two days of casual leave it should also be counted as a casual leave.

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All the employees (Male & Female) can avail casual leave before & after closed/ optional holidays . In case of holidays before casual leave, would not count if your leave is starting from after holidays and same rule when your casual leave ends before holidays then in both conditions your holidays will not included as casual leave except holidays comes between casual leave.

School Education Department has taken a welfare mind decision for the teachers of sanctioning casual leaves through online HRMS. This credit of this step has gone to our worthy Punjab Education Minister Dr. Murad Raas.

Can Casual Leave be Combined with Holidays

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