Casual Leave Response Time Through HRMS 2020

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department (Monitoring Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 24th January, 2020 in connection with casual leave response time through HRMS.

School Education Department’s Human Resource Management System (SED-HRMS) is an initiative to improve the efficiency through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks. One of the most important aspects is to move away from the manual leave application process to online application to ensure transparency and speedy response to the applications.

As part of this plan, School Education Department has already launched the Casual Leave application process and received timely response from the authorities on approving or rejecting leaves. We would like to appreciate all tiers of the department for the adoption of this new initiative in its true essence.

After discussion within the department and with the districts, previous module has been improved in several ways. One of the most important things that has been done is to change the formula for the calculation of pending leaves.

Now, there is a new column added (%age of pendency for more than 24 hours: approval waiting/pending more than 24 hours) Which will be monitored by SED. We request you all to kindly process the Casual Leaves response time through HRMS within 24 hours of when they are applied and reduce the pendency at the earliest

Moreover, all CEOs (DEAs) ore requested to disseminate the directions to all levels to provide actual reasons when applying for a leave and also when rejecting a leave.

Casual Leave Response Time Through HRMS

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