Celebration of Defence Day of Pakistan 2019

Government of the Punjab Services & General Administration Department (Implementation & Coordination Wing) Lahore has issued the Notification on 28th August, 2019 in the matter of Celebration of Defence Day of Pakistan 2019.

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that 6th September marks an Important event in the history of our motherland as Pakistani nation stood shoulder to shoulder with its armed forces who defended the country valiantly against India aggression. Competent Authority has directed to celebrate 6th September, “The Defence Day” with full zeal.

I am further directed to request to communicate that public rallies and seminars should be Organize to commemorate Defence Day. Moreover, adequate arrangements should be made to facilitate general public in celebrating this day, In addition, necessary arrangements should also be made to pay homage to martyrs of 1965 war.

Celebration of Defence Day of Pakistan 2019

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