Celebration of Punjab Cultural Day on 14 March 2021

According to the latest news on 12th March, 2021: Punjab Government, Information & Culture Department has issued the official notification letter on 8th Mach, 2021 in connection with Celebration of Punjab Cultural Day on 14th March, 2021. The further details of the letter is given below;

  1. All the Divisional Commissioners in Punjabi
  2. All the Regional Police Officers in Punjab
  3. All the Deputy Commissioners in Punjab
  4. All the District Police Officers in Punjab

Punjab Cultural Day Date is 14 March 2021

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that Government of the Punjab is going to celebrate the first ever Punjab Culture Day at 14 03 2021 2:00 am further directed to state that a special committee was constituted by the Chief Minister Punjab for making arrangements for celebration of Punjab Culture Day on 14.03.2021.

A meeting of the special committee was held under the convenorship of Minister for Culture Punjab and Additional Chief Secretary Punjab in the Committee Room of S&GAD on 05.03 2021 wherein it has been decided that all Divisional Commissioners, Regional Police Officers Deputy Commissioners 300 District Police Officers in the Punjab shall wear traditional Punjab Turban on 13.03.2021 and post their pictures on their respective official web pages as well on Social Media to create hype for celebration of Punjab Culture Way on 14 03.2021.

Celebration of Punjab Cultural Day on 14 March 2021

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