Certificate of Students Registration PEC 8th Examination 2020

Chief Executive Officer (DEA), Sialkot has issued the official Notification letter on 1st January, 2020 in connection with submission of certificate of students registration PEC 8th Examination 2020.

It has been observed that the students’ registration for PEC 8th Examination 2020 is less than the previous year till date. It is matter of serious concern. You are well aware that all the public schools are bound to register 100% students for the grade 8th PEC examination 2020.

Therefore, you were directed to ensure the 100% Public School Students’ registration for the upcoming PEC 8th Examination 2020 and submit a certificate to the Register (Exam) office of the chief officer district education authority, Sialkot till 26th December, 2019 positively in hard form signed by your good-self that the students of all the public schools working under your jurisdiction has been done 100% and in case of any discrepancy you will be held responsible.

The certificate from your office has not been received till date. Therefore, you are again directed to submit the said certificate till 02-010-2020 positively.

Certificate of Students Registration PEC 8th Examination 2020

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