Checking of Covid Vaccination Certificate At Departments/Offices Punjab

The Punjab Government, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the official notification on 20th October 2021 in connection with Checking of Covid Vaccination Certificate At Departments/Offices of entry points. Actually, the government wants to protect their employees from those persons who are still not vaccinated. The order is published after the approval of Chief Minister. If you are a government employee and you have completed your vaccination dose and you want to download corona vaccination certificate then you can get very easily.

Checking of Covid Vaccination Certificate During Entrance in Government Department/Offices

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that the Government of Punjab is committed to protecting its population from the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose, this department, with the approval of the Chief Minister, has enforced Obligatory Vaccination Regime vide Order No. SO(CIC)1-66/2021 dated 25.09.2021 (copy enclosed), which, inter alia, states that no unvaccinated individual shall be entertained in all types of private / government offices after 15.10.2021.

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In furtherance of endorsed directions, it is requested that vaccination certificates of general public may kindly be checked at entry points of departments and all public offices / points and only those individuals be entertained / allowed entry who are fully vaccinated.

I am, therefore, directed to request you to kindly ensure compliance of aforementioned directions in letter and spirit, to save the nation from this pandemic and in larger public interest, please.

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Checking of Covid Vaccination Certificate At Departments/Offices Punjab

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