CheckList of Anti-SMOG Measures

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Khanewal has issued the check list of Anti-Smog measures due to alert of smog for public/private educational institutes of Khanewal.

Anti-SMOG Checklist 2021

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  1. Is there any waste collection point in school?
  2. Does school manage waste properly instead of burning?
  3. Is there any awareness session on SMOG conducted?
  4. Are teachers wearing mask to prevent from SMOG?
  5. Are Students wearing Mask to prevent from SMOG?
  6. Does school have active wash Club?
  7. Does school have proper SUFFICIENT washing facilities for students and staff as well?
  8. Does washing facilities have soap?
  9. Does washing facilities have neat and clean towel?
  10. Are banner/posters for anti-smog measures displayed in school?
  11. Are banner/posters for anti-smog measures displayed in classrooms?
  12. Are contact numbers of nearby hospital/doctor/rescue displayed in school?
  13. Are there students in school having disease of Asthma/Allergy with SMOG?
  14. Are there teachers/staff in school having disease of Asthma/Allergy with SMOG?
  15. Does school have playground/lawn without grass?
  16. Are windows and doors of classrooms are fully covered with glass?
  17. Do they (Students and Teachers) come to school by using car/bike/bicycle?
  18. Do they (Students and Teachers) wear mask/helmet while driving?
  19. Is school dust free (neat, clean & green)?
  20. Is sprinkling of water a regular activity in the school premises?
  21. Does Head Teacher carry on outdoor/sports/other activities during smog season?

Check List of Anti-SMOG Measures

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