Check List of Documents Required for Death Claim

It is redoubtable that life is unpredictable and death is unavoidable. Everyone who is paying services as employee in any government department especially. Suddenly, he passes away accidentally during his/her service and then the dependent should have to submit essential to continue the process of getting incentives.

We are sharing documents which are required in case of Death Claim/Group Insurance case (During Death / After Death.

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Checklist For Government Employee Death Claim 2021

  1. Application
  2. Forwarding letter with clear recommendations
  3. Copy of CNIC (Claimant and deceased)
  4. Form claim for death Benefit
  5. Copy of Retirement Notification (after retirement)
  6. Death Certificate issued by Union Council
  7. Departmental Death Certificate in case of during death
  8. Copy of LPC (In case of during death)
  9. Computer Pay Slip verified by the DAO Bahawalnagar (in case of during death)
  10. Service Statement issued by the DAO Bahawalnagar (In case Gazette Officer during service)
  11. Photo Copy of Service Book first 4-pages
  12. Nomination Form
  13. List of Family members
  14. Affidavit Original
  15. Success Certificate issued / verified by the Civil Court
  16. PPO NO. form issued by the DAO Bahawalnagar
  17. Page marking all documents
  18. All documents verified controlling officer

Check List of Documents Required for Death Claim

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