Chief Secretary’s Task Management System Sahiwal

Chief Executive Officer District Education Authority Sahiwal has issued the Notification on 10 August, 2019 in connection of Chief Secretary’s Task Management System.

I am directed to refer to the letter of the Deputy Commissioner, Sahiwal bearing No.176/SNA/DC-SWL dated 01-08-2019 and his directions in compliance of the tasks assigned by the Chief Secretary Punjab through Chief Secretary’s Tusks Management System in meetings held dated 29-07-2019 and 10-08-2019.

In continuation of the directions given to you by the Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Sahiwal in the morning meeting dated 05-08-2019, all the District Education Officers will immediately ensure the cleaning of all the water tanks in schools thoroughly, The chlorination of available water resources (all kinds) may be ensured. This activity may be completed till 14th of August at every cost.

The activity must he photographed in best possible way. The photographs should also he reflecting before and after cleaning activity, The DEOs will submit compliance report of the activity (date wise) along with all photographs taken. You will ensure provision of clean and pure drinking water to each and every student.

This office has to submit the compliance report to the Deputy Commissioner, Sahiwal on 15th instant therefore no lethargy / negligence will be spared.Thorough cleanliness or all the offices and schools have also been directed by Chief Secretary Punjab.

All the DEOs will ensure cleanliness of the schools’ buildings, i.e. class rooms, toilets, verandas, roofs, lawns and cleanliness or every bit of the schools’ premises. The activity will be covered with photographs (before and after) of each school. The DEOs will visit frequently on daily basis to monitor the activity with photographs of visits for effective compliance.

The Chief Secretary Punjab also directed to start special Green Pakistan drive. You are hereby directed to ensure inauguration of tree plantation campaign in all the schools of DEA Sahiwal on 14th of August. The Pictorial evidence/coverage of the tree plantation he shared with this office on daily basis with number of plants. The DEOs will visit the school to supervise the activity themselves.

All DEOs and lower formations up to school level are directed to facilitate each and every visitor from public. Due respect be given to the people and the issues be resolved in shortest time possible, Any complaints in this regard will be dealt with strictly and action will be taken against the defaulters.

All the DEOs are directed to be vigilant themselves and activate the field formations for productive services and delivery. All the assignments form top to bottom of the DEA Sahiwal be given priority and completed within due deadlines. The lethargy in disposal of office business will be no way tolerated at any level.

The attitude of the officials and the staff of DEA Sahiwal in offices and schools with the public and their representative should be based on respect and politeness.

The Chief Secretary Punjab has directed that, instated of giving general directions, specific tasks should be given to the officers and lower formations. Their performance may be judged and to proceed under law against defaulters to boost efficiency in working.

The directions regarding Chief Secretary Task Management System as received from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Sahiwal comprising of tasks IDs 175 to 196 are hereby annexed. You are directed to ensure the compliance in letter and spirit without any excuse.

The elaborate, specific and date wise compliance report on daily basis be shared with this office by each DEO regarding above said task with mandatory pictorial reports to this office.

It is requested that every single direction given above may be taken on top priority and due response may be given in time. In case of any negligence or non-compliance the DEO concerned will be held responsible.

Chief Secretary’s Task Management System Sahiwal Chief Secretary’s Task Management System

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