Civil Servants Promotion Rules 2019 (Officers BPS-17 to BPS-21)

Government of Pakistan has decided to change the past civil servants promotion rules by introducing new promotion policy for officer of BPS-17 to BPS-21.

All the officers must submit the details of assets in the last five years and also brief about the reasons of why not promoted.

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For promotion in Bureaucracy, the new promotion rules 2019 has been introduced. All the instruction regarding promotion policy from Establishment Division has been revoked.

Now, all the officer BS-18 to BS-21 are promoted by new civil servants promotion rules 2019. Establishment division has issued the office memorandum in this regard. According to the notification, following rules would be followed:

1). Central Selection Board + Departmental Selection Board & committee including compulsory training (30 marks)

2). Promotion from BPS-17 to BPS-18 required 5 years experience

3). Promotion from BPS-18 to BPS-19 required 12 years experience

4). Promotion from BPS-19 to BPS-20 required 17 years experience

5). Promotion from BPS-20 to BPS-21 required 22 years experience

6). Promotion from BPS-21 to BPS-22 required 25 years experience

7). Important changes has been made in the PERs and ACRs Performa. According to the rotation policy, the desired officer should be considered for promotion.

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8). But one thing is must to submit of last 5 years assets details. Except specialize cadres like Engineers, Doctors, Professors etc, all other officers must be go through important courses like MCM, SMC, and NMC.

9). The compulsory training is not necessary for those officer whose age will be 58 years.

10). Only one time, Any officer can get delay from his/ her course but the delay will be provided by the approval of Prime Minister.

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Civil Servants Promotion Rules 2019

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