Clarification Advance Increments on Acquiring Higher Qualification of SSTs

Office of the Account General Punjab has issued the official Notification letter on 13th November, 2019 to the Section Officer (PR), Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, Lahore in connection with clarification regarding grant of advance increments on acquiring higher qualification of the Secondary School Teachers (SST) teachers.

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Kindly refer to the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department letter No.FD.PR.12-06/2×17 dated 09-10-2019, on the subject cited above.

The following queries may please be clarified for clear understanding at all offices and teachers:

  1. What will be the fate for the entitlement of advance increment in respect of SST teachers possessing higher qualification prior to 01-12-2001 but were not allowed the benefit of the advance increments?
  2. Whether the re-payment of increments shall be made now the employees whose increments have been deducted from their pay?
  3. Whether all the cases in which the advance increments have been reduced at the time of their retirement shall be paid now and their pension cases shall be revised?
  4. The above referred letter dated 09-10-2019 is meant for Secondary School Teachers, it may be guided whether the above decision will be applicable to all other teachers e.g. EST, PTC etc. or only for SST

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This office requests for the earliest clarification please. This issues with the approval of Additional Accountant General (TM).

Clarification Advance Increments on Acquiring Higher Qualification of SST Teachers

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