Clarification of LPR / Retirement after Sanction Finance Notification

Government of Pakistan, Finance Department (Regulation Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 6th October, 2019 in connection with clarification of withdrawal of request of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR) / Retirement after sanction/notification.

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The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division O.M.No.F.1(1)R-4/2007- (Vol.lI) dated 17-11-2011 on the above subject and to state that it has been decided in consultation with Establishment Division that a Government Servant can withdraw option of voluntary retirement, during the period for which encashment has been applied/granted, subject to the following conditions: –

Govt Servant Voluntary Retirement

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i. He/She may withdraw his/her option of voluntary retirement before retirement matures.

ii. It is binding on a government servant to return any amount of leave pay received by him/her, in lieu of encashment of LPR for that period.

iii. Later on, on attaining the age of superannuation, if he /she again opts for 365 days leave encashment in lieu of 365 days LPR, such option of an Individual may be treated as a fresh case and he /she will be allowed encashment of LPR In toto.

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Clarification Regarding LPR  Retirement after Sanction Finance Notification

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