Complaints Regarding Non-Issuance of Roll Number Slips

Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Rahim Yar Khan has issued the official Notification letter on 21st February, 2020 in connection with complaints regarding Non-issuance of Roll Number Slips.

As you are well aware that the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Annual Examination 2020 is going to be started w.e.f 22.02.2020 in Punjab province. It has come into the notice of this office that some private schools are hesitating to issue the Roll Number
slips to the students concerned well in time.

As per Government rules that the Roll Number slips are the propriety of the students and institution is only custodian. You are requested to direct all the Heads of Private Institutions to ensure issue the Roll number slips to the concerned students well in time in order to avoid any complaint.

Complaints Regarding Non-Issuance of Roll Number Slips

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