Completion of Data Entry Work on Daily Basis

District Education Officer (SE) Layyah has issued the official Notification letter on 29th March, 2020 in connection with completion of data entry work on daily basis.

As you are well aware of the facts that the people of Pakistan are in crisis and locked down due to corona virus epidemic and most of people are helpless for daily earning.

In the wake of pandemic Corona virus (Covid-19), the Worthy Deputy Commissioner, Layyah has accorded its gracious approval for the survey of deserving people in District Layyah and teaching staff be engaged as volunteer basis for carrying out the household survey at Union Council level for financial /goods package of deserving people.

In this regard, the Chief Executive Officer (DEA), Layyah has issued notification vide No. 1638/AD(G) dated, 28-03-2020 and assigned the task to all AEOs /Heads/teachers of Primary/Elementary and High/Higher Secondary Schools District Layyah and complete the task on prescribed format within 3 days positively.

Keeping in view of uncertainty circumstances, you are, therefore, requested to take this issue personally as a National Task and pay your positive role for completion of task/Data Entry Work quickly with honestly, wholeheartedly and volunteer basis.

All Govt: High/Higher Secondary Schools District Layyah will remain open till the finalization of assigned task. Head Teacher/SST(IT/ Junior Clerk_will remain present in the school and will complete the task collaboratively well before time.

The Deputy Commissioner, Layyah /Military Officer, CEO(DEA), Layyah and DEOs will visit the any school for checking of Data entry Work. If anyone is failed/refused to do the task, he will be proceeded under rule as vogue. SST(IT)will complete the Data and send on Email address: on daily basis.

Completion of Data Entry Work on Daily Basis

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