Completion of Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) / ACRs 2021

School Education Department Punjab has issued the official notification on 16th June 2021 in connection with writing / Completion of Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) / ACRs 2021. The further details re given below;

PERs/ACRs Complete Within 7 Days After Receiving

I am directed to inform your cat written complaints and online complaints through Pakistan, Citizen Portal are being received in this office complaining that some Officers are not writing the Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) of their sub-ordinate staff within the stipulated time.

I am once again directed to request that all the Reporting / Writing Officers will write the PER within the stipulated time and all the pending PERs will be completed within 7 days after receiving the PERs.

Moreover, the Countersigning Officer will also follow the same instructions.. D.G. Quaid, DPIS (SE/EE) and CEOs (DEAs) in Punjab are requested to disseminate the directions to lower formations and ensure the implementation of the above said directions in true letter and spirit.

Completion of Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs)  ACRs 2021

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